RHI Construction

RHI specializes in federal construction. RHI and our staff members have worked on projects for many branches of the Federal Government. Some of these branches include Veterans Affairs, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, National Parks Service, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Control, and the General Service Administration.

RHI has completed projects totaling approximately $150 million over the past ten years. At this time, RHI has 30 ongoing projects with a total contract value exceeding $40 million. RHI has been, and is, selective and patient when it comes to hiring employees. Because of that, RHI has a team that is able to effectively bid, propose, win, budget, buy out, schedule, manage and close out a wide variety of projects.

RHI employees have well over 100 years of combined experience on various types of construction projects. Including single award contracts, MATOCs, MACCs, SABERS, and JOCs. Total task order amounts ranged from $2 million to $14 million.


Emphasis on safety is paramount for RHI. We have had no loss-of-work injuries since the company was organized. We comply with EM 385, OSHA, and city and state safety regulations. RHI’s EMR is below 1. Keeping everyone on the jobsite safe has been and will continue to be out highest priority.


RHI’s subcontractor pool is made up of partners with which we have past experience or that have been personally referred to us. We feel this strategy will keep us working with only quality subcontractors.